About Us

Where was your first date?

To be clear, Dan never asked Cameron on a first date – he simply told her to meet him at GT’s Fish & Oyster 8:00 pm July 3, 2011 – leaving her no choice, but to accept. Over Scarpetta rosé, softshell crab salad and oysters, Dan and Cameron instantly connected. 

Following dinner, they went to a friend’s rooftop party to celebrate the 4th of July. They watched fireworks and danced into the night. 

The date was so successful that they met again the following afternoon for a relaxing day at the beach. Dan packed a picnic and they spent the day reading, talking and flirting. Like friends that have known eachother forever, their bond has always been close and effortless. 


Do you have a pet?

Marley completes our family. 

While volunteering at PAWS, one of Chicago’s largest no-kill shelters, Cameron received an email asking for someone to foster Marley. Marley had been in the shelter for 8 months, had been returned twice and needed a break from shelter life. As you might have guessed, we could never return her to the shelter. 

She unquestionably has her quirks – a deep obsession with tennis balls, a bark that sounds like an alien screeching, and a need to constantly be petted, but we love her. She listens when we speak to her, cocking her head from side to side; she is fiercely loyal; and she always finds a way to be in our laps, earning her the nickname Sneaky Snuggler. 


How did Dan propose?

Dan recreated their first date:

First sending her to GT’s Fish & Oyster, their friends The McCammons were waiting to greet her. Maddie handed Cameron a card reading:

“GT’s Fish & Oyster is the spot we had our first date and for me marks the best dinner of my life. The only thing better that night was the fireworks!! Please meet me at the spot where we had our first kiss!

If you don’t remember the address, I have a challenge for you.

You will have to correctly identify 1 West Coast oyster and 1 East Coast oyster in a blind tasting. Good luck!"

At the next location, Cameron’s maid of honor, Maureen was waiting with the next clue:

“Rooftop Fireworks above Division Street Ale House

This is where we danced and kissed for the first time. It was the complete ending to an amazing dinner, but it wasn’t over yet!

In order to get to the last spot, you’ll need to answer a few questions:

What shirt was Dan wearing when you had dinner? Red, white and blue checkered shirt 

What sparkling wine did you drink at dinner? Scarpetta

On a scale of 1-5 (1 being the worst) how good was Dan’s dancing that night? Anything she says will do :-) "

The final location was the Tiffany & Co. Foundation Celebration Garden where Dan was waiting with his parents and Cameron’s parents. 

She said yes!